Chumba Newborn Photography | newborn baby photography portfolio

Close up newborn baby with chin on arms laying on a purple blanket with a white mohair crochet hat.Very high key newborn baby full body sleepingsleeping newborn babysleeping newborn babynewborn baby photograph showing baby in dads arms.sleeping newborn babyT-365D1L0211EM-64-FBNewborn baby photography showing feet in focus and face out of focus.  Shot in Chumba newborn studio Baston, rutlandNewborn baby in high keyT-73-2EM-57-FBFile 26-11-2015, 19 46 47sleeping newborn babyFile 26-11-2015, 19 32 53Chumba-NP1_0993sleeping newborn babyChumba-AC-51sleeping newborn baby